America has attitude

This is for you America. It is a celebration of who you are and what you stand for. Even though, we are a bit worried about the whole Trump thing. If you do not care for reading, I’ll summarize the message for you in three words; America has attitude.

You can stop reading now, however, you would completely miss out on the observations of this legal alien on why Americans get things done, or the endless optimism that weaves through the American culture with such blunt elegance. Google winning top honors with its “Hooray, no spam here”!. Don’t you just love it when you empty your spam box in google, and that message appears. It is pure American optimism.

You would also miss out on a subjective clarification regarding freedom. Many countries in the world are free so that doesn’t make you unique, sorry. What does make you unique is that you have been picked as the most hated symbol of that freedom. America can be compared to the prettiest girl in class; every girl would like to have a taste of what it would feel like to skate through life with such looks. Since they can’t, the options are to become her best friend, ignore her, or hate her. Unfortunately hate often triumphs.

Secretly I hope that a few of those haters will read this blog. You know who I am talking about. Those living out in remote areas, hiding, always hiding. Hiding their faces on camera while performing cruelties against the West. Hiding in the Afghan mountains so they can avoid confrontation and discussion. Nonetheless we are obliged to listen to them rambling on in ridiculous video messages. Stop hiding, don’t be such cowards. You are not brave. Bravery is to stand up, engage in conversation while looking in each other’s eyes. That is the American way and thankfully many other nations share that trait.

It is not all sunshine and moonbeams. Americans are in the end, just like every other nation, an odd group of people. With the extreme friendliness, the tailgating, the Californian stop, the bridesmaids, the tremendous focus on sports, the obesity issue, the movie stars, the capitalism, the State of Maine (more about that in the next story), the poverty, the racism, and your worst problem Donald Trump. Well maybe your worst problem is that dentist from Minnesota, but that is neither here nor there.

As Mark Twain said “Humor is mankind’s greatest blessing”. I encourage you to keep reading my stories, and smile when you can.

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